Video and Motion Graphics

Olive R Twist Olive Oil Company

Store Overview Video

  • Videography, Lighting and Sound
  • Video and Sound Editing
  • Motion Graphics and Lower Third Titles
  • Brand Identity, All Graphics, Signage, Product Images, E-Commerce Website

Wealth Preservation Solutions

‘Stress Test’ Video

  • Video and Sound Editing – Client Zoom Source Video
  • Motion Graphics
  • Brand Identity, All Graphics, Website, Company Collateral

Wealth Preservation Solutions

‘Time The Markets’ Promotional Video

  • Video Editing
  • Motion Graphics

Wealth Preservation Solutions

‘Stress Test’ Animated Graphic

  • Artwork
  • Motion Graphics

Noho Surface

Promotional Animated Graphic

  • Motion Graphics, E-commerce website

Podcast: Work. Life. Money. Insights by Kevin Ellman

Kevin Ellman Podcast

  • Audio and Music Editing
  • Podcast Production, Syndication and Publishing

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